The Xenothesis podcast features review, discussion and analysis of Dawn book 1 of Octavia E. Butler’s, Xenogenesis trilogy AKA Lilith’s Brood

Michael Glinka

Michael Glinka

Richard J. Acton

Richard J. Acton

Latest Episode

In episode 62, Richard and Michael discuss if Pangolins sweat and realize that Michael’s view of Oankali is still too normal. Read More

In Episode 06, Richard and Michael discuss the wonderous organ that the brain is, the problems and quirks associated with it, and how beautifully Lilith told Kahguyaht off.

In Episode 05, Richard and Michael discuss the many strange but wonderful ways that animals reproduce on Earth – as well as how much they dislike Kahguyaht.

In Episode 4, Richard and Michael discuss chapters 1 and 2 from section 2: Family of Xenogenesis, which leads to a conversation about regeneration vats, cryonics and potential mechanisms protecting us from cryogenic damage.

In Episode 3, Richard and Michael discuss Chapters 4 and 5, which leads to a nearly two-hour discussion on culture and regenerative medicine.

Episode 2: Xenogenesis - Dawn: I. Womb - chapter 3

Posted on Saturday, Apr 25, 2020

XenoThesis - a podcast by two scientists trying to apply Science to the Science-Fiction. Here, Richard and Michael discuss the book 1 “Dawn” of Xenogenesis series by Olivia E. Butler.