The Xenothesis podcast features review, discussion and analysis of Dawn book 1 of Octavia E. Butler’s, Xenogenesis trilogy AKA Lilith’s Brood

Michael Glinka

Michael Glinka

Richard J. Acton

Richard J. Acton

Latest Episode

In episode 53 (Special Episode 3), Richard and Michael discuss Ageing and Immortality, from a biological and Ethical prespectives. Read More

In Episode 22, Richard and Michael talk about ants and bees, how bad people are at long-term planning, and how can we imagine new experiences (seeing in infra-red, UV, etc.).

In Episode 21, Richard and Michael discuss how the chapters are raising more and more red flags.

Episode: 20 Cyberpunk Special

Posted on Sunday, Jan 3, 2021

In this special episode Richard and Michael discuss ideas relating to cyberpunk, are we headed for a cyberpunk dystopia and if so what technological and society factors are pushing us in that direction?

In Episode 19, Richard and Michael discuss the first two chapters of part 4: Training Floor.

In Episode 18, Richard and Michael discuss the problems and potential consequences of drugging the remains of humanity, as well as the Oankali species branches meeting.