The Xenothesis podcast features review, discussion and analysis of Dawn book 1 of Octavia E. Butler’s, Xenogenesis trilogy AKA Lilith’s Brood

Michael Glinka

Michael Glinka

Richard J. Acton

Richard J. Acton

Latest Episode

In this episode: Richard and Michael thank fungi for the lack of giant bugs. Akin engages in unintentional creepy child horror gas-lighting. We also see a reprise of the Agouti. Richard sells out humanity (again), but offers a cunning plan for their survival first. Also: This is the version Octavia toned down? Read More

In Episode 22, Richard and Michael talk about ants and bees, how bad people are at long-term planning, and how can we imagine new experiences (seeing in infra-red, UV, etc.).

In Episode 21, Richard and Michael discuss how the chapters are raising more and more red flags.

Episode: 20 Cyberpunk Special

Posted on Sunday, Jan 3, 2021

In this special episode Richard and Michael discuss ideas relating to cyberpunk, are we headed for a cyberpunk dystopia and if so what technological and society factors are pushing us in that direction?

In Episode 19, Richard and Michael discuss the first two chapters of part 4: Training Floor.

In Episode 18, Richard and Michael discuss the problems and potential consequences of drugging the remains of humanity, as well as the Oankali species branches meeting.