The Xenothesis podcast features review, discussion and analysis of Dawn book 1 of Octavia E. Butler’s, Xenogenesis trilogy AKA Lilith’s Brood

Michael Glinka

Michael Glinka

Richard J. Acton

Richard J. Acton

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In this episode: Richard and Michael thank fungi for the lack of giant bugs. Akin engages in unintentional creepy child horror gas-lighting. We also see a reprise of the Agouti. Richard sells out humanity (again), but offers a cunning plan for their survival first. Also: This is the version Octavia toned down? Read More

In episode 27, Richard and Michael learn more about Akin’s family and admire Lilith’s strength.

In episode 26, Richard and Michael finally delve into the Book 2 of Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy, Adulthood Rites.

Episode: 25 GATTACA Special

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021

Michael and Richard discuss and analyse the film GATTACA, cinemtographically and in terms of the bioethical questions it raises.

In Episode 24, Richard and Michael discuss the final chapter of Xenogenesis Book 1: Dawn.

In Episode 23, Richard and Michael discuss the issues with the Oankali scientific research.